Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement

Depending on your role in your healthcare organization, you likely have a different comfort level with analytics. As a clinician who is growing as a patient safety professional, I needed to get a better grasp on healthcare analytics and how I can use analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement.

Best Books for Healthcare Analytics

A good book is generally a good place to start when it comes to learning new topics. Authors typically condense their best ideas into a book

Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement

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This is a book specifically written for using analytics to improve quality. It was part of the assigned reading in one of my recent classes.

The Healthcare Data Guide

This book is all about using data to improve health care. It is well written in an easy-to-follow format. From the first chapter they strike the balance between the “jumping to solutions” and “paralysis by analysis” extremes often seen in our hospitals.

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For someone looking to get started with measuring metrics on your unit or department, this book is a great start.

While Data alone will not help us build an Antifragile Hosptial, it can help us visualize where we need to place our efforts.

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