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Central Line Placement
Central Lines

Central Line Placement CPT Codes

Once you have finished inserting a central venous catheter, it’s time to document your hard work. Clear documentation of the procedure, techniques used, and potential challenges related to central line

Central Line Placement
Central Lines

The Seldinger Technique: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to the Seldinger Technique The Seldinger Technique is a foundational medical procedure employed by interventional radiologists, cardiologists, and virtually any medical professional looking to access a vein or artery. This method

7 CVC Catheters You Need to Know
Central Lines

7 Different Types of Central Venous Catheters

This is the place to start if you want to know what type of central venous catheter your patient needs. The first step of central venous catheter placement is confirming

dry thread
Central Lines

Why you dry thread your IVs and angiocatheters

If you have ever tried to place an IV or use an angiocatheter to access the vein for a central line, you familiar with the experience of a “dry thread.”

Ultrasound vs Manometry
Central Lines

Central Line Placement: Ultrasound Vs Manometry

Central venous catheterization is a vital medical procedure, widely used in various healthcare settings. While it plays a crucial role in patient care, it also carries inherent risks, including arterial

Need a Central Line
Hospital Quality

Safe Central Line Placement – Every Time

If you have received any education on healthcare quality and safety recently, you have likely heard the phrase: high reliability. High reliability is one of my goals as I work

Vascular Access
Central Lines

Central Line Safety Programs

For almost all medical students and interns, the first procedure you will perform that can legitimately cause harm or death to a patient is a central line placement. As a

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