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Central Lines

Ultrasound-Guided Subclavian Central Line Placements

The choice of central line insertion location has an outsized impact on a number of quality metrics related to central line safety. Outside of the surgical specialties, the use of

RaCeVA Steps
Central Lines

What is Rapid Central Vein Assessment (RaCeVA)?

Rapid Central Vein Assessment (RaCeVA) is a systematic, standardized approach for ultrasound assessment before central venous catheterization.  Ultrasound use for central line placement not only provides superior procedural advantages but

Central Line Sizing
Central Lines

Should You Double-Stick Your Central Lines?

I wasn’t familiar with the term “double-stick” when I went through my anesthesia residency. Although we did the typical “big cases” and trauma, we did not routinely place two central

7 CVC Catheters You Need to Know
Central Lines

7 Different Types of Central Venous Catheters

This is the place to start if you want to know what type of central venous catheter your patient needs. The first step of central venous catheter placement is confirming

dry thread
Central Lines

Why you dry thread your IVs and angiocatheters

If you have ever tried to place an IV or use an angiocatheter to access the vein for a central line, you familiar with the experience of a “dry thread.”

Sepsis Program
Hospital Quality

3 Simple Steps for Building a Sepsis Calendar

Sepsis is one of the most challenging medical conditions facing our hospitals today. Sepsis occurs in less than 10% of our hospitalized patients, but it contributes to as many as

Ultrasound vs Manometry
Central Lines

Central Line Placement: Ultrasound Vs Manometry

Central venous catheterization is a vital medical procedure, widely used in various healthcare settings. While it plays a crucial role in patient care, it also carries inherent risks, including arterial

Professional Development

Personal Development 101

I am a personal development enthusiast. Ever since I can remember I have been looking for a better way to do everything. Our almost unlimited potential for personal growth is

Need a Central Line
Hospital Quality

Safe Central Line Placement – Every Time

If you have received any education on healthcare quality and safety recently, you have likely heard the phrase: high reliability. High reliability is one of my goals as I work

Hospital Quality

The Antifragile Hospital

As a patient safety expert, I find myself persuading my colleagues in operations to consider a different tack. It’s not that I don’t like lean operations. I detest waste and

What Are Driver Diagrams?
Hospital Quality

7 Driver Diagram Templates

Driver diagrams are widely used for performance improvement. They are a visual display of a team’s theory of which factors “drive,” or contribute to, the achievement of a project aim.

Sepsis Program
Hospital Quality

Optimizing a Sepsis Program

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 1.5 million Americans get sepsis each year, and for at least 250,000 of those individuals the infection proves

Vascular Access
Central Lines

Central Line Safety Programs

For almost all medical students and interns, the first procedure you will perform that can legitimately cause harm or death to a patient is a central line placement. As a

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